Currently living la dolce vita in Milan, Italy!

My heart is frequently wandering and I am always planning out my next exciting adventure.

I love to come up with new recipes with healthy alternatives (if possible).

Fun Facts about Dannivee:

Im a citizen of the World.  Lover of food and drinking espresso. I am fascinated by Italian culture. Creating a wonderful meal.  Making people happy.  I always choose ice cream. Never turn down pizza. I love being in the kitchen for long periods of time.  Always find treasure while observing my surroundings. I can sit in a bookstore all day. Luna is my beautiful and fun loving pug.


I consider myself an amateur photographer and wish I could take pictures all day.

” There is no such thing as too many pictures or too much ice cream”


42 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Daniela! Thanks for visiting my blog. I couldn’t agree more with your quote: “There’s no such thing as too many pictures or too much ice cream.” I say that all the time!

  2. Hi Daniela,
    Thanks for checking out my blog! I’m glad you liked my post on the fast food strike. I like your recipes for making things healthier. Those greek yogurt brownies really look like they might actually taste good 😉 I’ll have to test them out when I get back home.

  3. Hi Daniela,
    I got your post about the banana honey waffles this morning. Would it be OK if I shared this on my blog? I would just do a ‘press this’ and it would link back to your site. Is that OK? They look delicious 🙂

  4. I am a photography nut myself and food photography is interesting. I recently read Plate to Pixel by Helene Dujardin. It is on digital photography and styling. Amazon has it. The book is really thorough in explaining the ins and outs of photgraphing food. If you do read it, let me know what you think.
    Tale care margaret

  5. We have a lot in common. I love photography including food photography. I just finished reading Plate to Pixel, Digital Food Photography and Styling by Helene Dujardin. It is an comprehensive guide and the photographs are awesome. Take care

  6. Thanks for liking my roasted butternut squash recipe! Will definitely have to try out the Greek yogurt brownies. Those look amazing.

  7. Thanks so much, Danni, for liking my post on Tide Line Still Life. I am going to LOVE perusing your site! Between the photos and recipes, it is a veritable feast! I have done some work on the beach in West Palm. Fabulously blue man-of-war all over the sand. Awesome to photograph. I have (only) one day in Miami in December, and plan to use the bulk of it on the beach with my camera. Best, Maggie

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