danivee_recipe_3-03 (1)Glühwein is the perfect treat for a cold winter night that you are enjoying with the company of friends and family over a few light bites. Unfortunately in South Florida we don’t really get many cold winter nights, but I can always pretend! I first tried this delicious red wine concoction when I traveled to Switzerland last December and ended up in a wonderful place called Schmutzli Bar. Instantly I knew I would love to recreate it, and this recipe is almost identical to it. Of course I added a splash of triple sec for an extra kick!




2 bottles of your favorite red wine, I used a dry merlot
1 cup brown sugar
1 orange
1 cup of orange juice
4 sticks of cinnamon
6 whole all spice
12 whole cloves
Splash of Triple Sec

Pour the red wine into a large pot and place it on the stove over very low heat, make sure to not let the wine boil.
Cut the orange into slices and then put about 4 whole cloves into each slice, then place them in the wine.
Add the cinnamon sticks as well as 6 of the whole all spice into the wine.
Add in 1 cup of orange juice and 1 cup of sugar and stir.
Stir on and off for about 30 minutes to give the spices time to infuse with the wine, taste it, and add more sugar if needed.
Let it infuse for about 30 more minutes without letting it boil. Serve in your favorite mug and share.

Click HERE to download the Recipe Card as a PDF


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