Italian 101: Affogato

Affogato Recipe CardAffogato in Italian literally means “drowned”. This delicious treat is a creamy cool scoop of vanilla ice cream, drowned in espresso. It has the perfect contrast between the hot and bitter coffee, with the cold and sweet ice cream.

You can also explore with different combinations of ice cream such as dulce de leche, chocolate and even coffee flavored ice cream. So go ahead, be creative with your affogato and enjoy it with your own special spin to it. Maybe even adding your favorite coffee liquor? Now that’s a party!

Cafe Affogato

1 large scoop of vanilla (or your preferred) ice cream
1 cup of espresso

Make one cup of espresso and let cool so that it is not piping hot and won’t immediately melt the ice cream. Scoop out the ice cream onto your favorite mug or cup and slowly pour the espresso until it is perfectly drowning the scoop of ice cream and serve.

Click HERE to download the Recipe Card as a PDF.


  • Special thanks to my friend and talented artist Gisella C. for yet another amazing recipe card collaboration, see the previous one here.
  • This coming January I am moving to Milan, Italy. So get ready for plenty of exciting posts about Italian food and wine in 2014,  but until then stay tuned for my Italian 101 series where I will share my favorite Italian recipes, photography and my  pure excitement for my big move!


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