Fabulous Fall To-Do List


Where I live we only get about a month of chilly fall weather, but fall happens to be my favorite season of them all.  I look forward to this beautiful season all year long so that I can bake with the warm, aromatic fall flavors such as apples, pumpkins, and the beautiful couple, our friends- cinnamon and nutmeg. I plan on driving up to Gainesville (my beautiful alma mater town) to check off a few of these items, including #3 & #4 because there is nothing more fall-tastic than a scenic drive and the very delightful, crisp autumn air. Oh and did I mention Thanksgiving? (aka a Food Bloggers favorite holiday).

1. Bake Apple and Pecan Pies

2. Enjoy hot lattes and cappuccinos in the cool outdoors.

3. Take a scenic drive to find beautiful fall foliage.

4. Attend a college football game (go gators).

5. Knit a scarf. 

6. Host a fall inspired donut tea party.

7. Wear more orange & get new boots.

8. Decorate with fall scented candles.

9. Clean out my closet and go shopping (i.e #7).

10. Gather autumn leaves and flowers, to bring fall colors indoors.

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall”

-F.Scott Fitzgerald


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