NYC X Dannivee








IMG_0300IMG_0295IMG_0702Every year I visit NYC and every single time it offers me a different story. The city that never sleeps is always glowing in it’s unique beauty. Almost like it’s showing off, but trying to stay humble at the same time. New York City has something for everybody, for the tourists it has the Empire State building observation deck, Statue of Liberty Ferry Rides and the ever so famous double decker buses. For the traveler it has an infinite amount of opportunities to create magical moments that will stay with you forever.  As a traveler through this wonderful city you can experience countless restaurants, that some can say are overrated and not worth waiting in line but I decided to go for the foodie route, and I wouldn’t have enjoyed it any other way.

Whether it is walking the entire High Line in the late afternoon and catching the sunset over the Hudson, or waking up at dawn to join  the thousands of New Yorkers that religiously head to Central Park for an energizing workout to start the day, there will always be a reason to wander back into New York City.

Places you must visit in NYC:

Murray’s Bagels– Hands down the BEST bagels in NYC the world.

Peep Soho– Not pictured, but delicious Thai food and a great atmosphere.

P.S. check out the bathroom at Peep.

The High Line at sunset, perfect opportunity to show off your photography skills.

Central Park early morning jog or walk around the Jackie O. Reservoir.

Pizza and Gelato at Eataly.

Cafe Gitane for some authentic Morrocan/French eats, but no cell phones allowed. Try the Morrocan Couscous with Red Peppers- a mountain of goodness that you won’t regret.


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