Five Things Monday

quote-1•Weekly Motivation•

“If you work hard and have a kind heart, amazing things will happen.”

Recently I began my semester internship and took a week from blogging. But this weekend I was able to catch up on all things cooking, baking and blogging. I even had enough time to make it to the Wynwood Art Walk, which never disappoints with the wide range of local artists and Miami culture.

The one section I enjoy the most from this monthly art walk is the food truck section of course, which ranges from Korean to Vegan cuisine. Plus a very unhealthy fried everything truck, which intrigued me into eating some fried oreo’s, and these are perfect for sharing in order to prevent you from feeling too guilty!

IMG_0858 •Luna playing in the dog park after a full recovery from surgery last week•

Celebrating her 11 months!

artwalkfood •Delicious eats from the food trucks at the Wynwood Art Walk•

Fried oreo’s, asquerosito (venezuelan style hot dog), chicharrones (fried pork belly)

artwalk•Lights at the art walk•
lunatiramisu •Enjoying my tiramisu with Luna•

Recipe to come later this week

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