Trattoria Toscana


•Carpaccio di manzo con rucula e parmigiano•

On my last night in Milano we went to Trattoria Toscana which has a whimsical, hidden garden with just enough Christmas lights to give the courtyard a celebratory feel.  This was perfect for celebrating my last night in Milano, the wine was excellent and the food was to die for. I can without question say that this was my favorite restaurant of my entire trip.


•Focaccia di Mozzarella e pomodoro•

This came to us hot and fresh out of the oven, compliments of our very friendly waitress. Not only was this place mouthwatering delicious but the kind staff made it seem like I was enjoying dinner at home.


•Spaghetti alle vongole•

The perfect combination of garlic, olive oil, white wine, clams, and spaghetti was convincing enough for the both of us to order, and completely devour this heavenly plate. If you ever find yourself in Milano wondering what to have for a special dinner, definitely treat yourself to this glorious dish.



Since this was my last dinner in Milano, I of course had to indulge in a final tiramisu, which was probably number 6 of my trip. This tiramisu was the perfect touch of sweetness to the end of an amazing with great company. Tiramisu literally translates into “pick me up”.


•Christmas lights in the secret courtyard•


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