Aperitivos? Yes please!

photo (47)

{Aperitivo plate at Mag Cafe}

Italia was a dream! After indulging in some serious pizza eating and wine drinking I’m not really sure where to even begin to describe all the great moments from my trip. After some 600 photographs there will be plenty of exciting posts to come!

One of my favorite things about Milano and most of Italy is that you can walk pretty much anywhere. On the first night Gisella took me to Mag Cafe a cute little bar/cafe that serves something called aperitivos. This is something very common throughout most bars and restaurants in Milan. Aperitivos is when you buy a glass or bottle of wine, and you get free food! yes, free… Either in buffet form which includes, Italian cheeses and meats, small salads, and even pizza; or small plates of parmesan cheese and prosciutto with bread. So for just 6 euros (if you get the glass of wine) you can enjoy all the food you desire.photo (49)

{Holiday decorations in Tasca}

Tasca was another great location that we visited, but we went after dinner and were just interested in wine, so no aperitivos for us this time. I hear they are one of the best in Milano so I guess I will have to go back and have some for myself.

By the end of my trip I was almost begging for aperitivo time, but it didnt take much convincing because soon enough we were out the door headed towards Naviglio Grande for a casual night with the Milanese locals.photo (48)

{Last night out in Milan- Mag Cafe}

I recommend attending aperitivos either before or after dinner, but if you are not too hungry it could be all you need for a guaranteed great night, plus the company of great friends of course. 


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