Bianco Latte


{Dessert display AKA Heaven}

Where do I begin to describe this incredible restaurant?!

Let me just say that it wasn’t walking distance from Gisella’s apartment, we took the metro to the other side of Milano to get to it. Both of us had heard great things of this place and were very anxious to try it, and I must admit Biancolatte definitely exceeded our expectations. From the entire decor to the simplicity of the plating, Biancolatte strives for and achieves perfection.


{Piadina Classico}

Prosciutto, Burrata (Mozzarella), Arugula and Tomatos-all of the amazing flavors of Italy in one amazing wrap like piadina.


{Tavolo quaranta-tre (Table 43)}


{Bianco Latte signature coffee/chocolate drink}

Next time you are in Milano, make sure to visit Bianco Latte for a delightful treat!


3 thoughts on “Bianco Latte

  1. What a small world – we ate brunch there in November while in Milano. Our friend, Giovanni, is the manager at the Black Bar at StarHotel Anderson (close to the Central Station in Milan) and he picked us up, and off we went. What great food! And the decor was so bright and cheerful. Take care!

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