Destination Milan: FLL-JFK

The day I have been waiting for has finally arrived! Started my trip earlier today from Fort Lauderdale, FL and now I am waiting at gate 38 in rainy New York for my flight to Milan.

During take off I risked getting yelled at by a grumpy flight attendant to take a few pictures on my phone (the things I do for you!)

20121207-153559.jpg{in line for take off}
I couldn’t decide which picture I preferred between color or black & white, which one would you choose as your favorite?

20121207-155331.jpg {Fort Lauderdale coastline}
This was when I really risked getting yelled at..but so worth it.

20121207-154642.jpg {Strange Clouds}
Somewhere above the Eastern Seaboard.

Is my cloud obsession noticeable yet?

{Original NY Black & White Cookie}
One of my favorite cookies in the entire world, fits with the National Geographic headline right? Just a little snack while I wait for my flight..

Next post will be from Milan about gelato I’m sure..


8 thoughts on “Destination Milan: FLL-JFK

  1. Have fun in Milan! I am so jealous 🙂 Make sure you try a Panzarotti from Luini. Just on the right end of the Duomo you will see a long line which will be for that.
    Also check out Navigli (Porta Genova), you can get Aperitivo (1 cocktail and buffet – food is actually good) for 8 euros. There are heaps of places along the strip. It one of the prettiest places. I lived there earlier this year and really miss it.
    Porta Venezia is the best strip for shopping and Lanza Brera is where you can get a fancy dinner.
    Make sure you don’t let gyspy help you buy your ticket at the Central station. They don’t work there!

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