Five things Monday

WM{Weekly Motivation}

A lot of excitement to look forward to this last week as an undergrad student, and leaving for Italy on Friday! I have been anxiously counting down for Italy  since September, and I am beyond thrilled to finally get to explore Italy and all  the great things that it has to offer. Including of course A LOT of food, wine, and gelato! Yes gelato, even in the freezing cold, because who goes to Italy without indulging in some serious gelato?!

&& some exciting parts from my weekend:

mysister.jpg {watching my sister play water polo}

image_3 {discovering an adorable bakery/coffee shop- Patticakes}

..of course I found this amazing place during my last weekend in Gainesville!

image{Fresh Ginger from the Farmer’s Market}

The is perfect for my Red Curry Coconut Chicken with Coconut Ginger Rice

wilderness adventure{the last of my wilderness adventures} least in the mean time, but don’t worry because I am  moving back to south Florida which will bring plenty of diverse adventures!

What was exciting about your weekend?


10 thoughts on “Five things Monday

  1. I love this : ) Good food photography is always a pleasure,

    So excited for your trip to Italy- as a fan of food, you will not be disappointed. I’m leaving for Italy on Thursday, maybe we’ll bump into each other!

  2. This past weekend was a long weekend in my country, as it was a national holiday, so I got so spend time with my family relaxing. Not very exiting, but very relaxing.
    Also, we have a new President, which I don’t like, but there it always some hope that things can be better. That could be exiting.
    When you go to Rome, be sure to have diner at Trentuno.
    Happy traveling!

  3. My weekend, very busy like always: Saturday I did some Xmas shopping, dinner at las Olas. Sunday morning beach, and BBQ with great friends in the afternoon.

  4. Lovely recipes you have here! Do try Italy all the way, I wish you the very best! Go to Naples and eat the first pizza at the oldest place in town – “da Michele”, go to Venice and drink a coffee at Cafe Florian in Piazza San Marco… just to name a few! Save travels!

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