2012 Holiday Gift Guide

The very exciting holiday season is quickly approaching, meaning plenty of long hours at the mall shopping. If you are wondering what to get for each of your friends, here is a guide of twelve fabulous gift ideas for all of your friends aiming at their passion and lifestyle. Including of course, a beautiful dog bowl from Henri Bendel for your lovable four legged companion, and a donut maker from Babycakes for your friend that loves to bake, making it the perfect excuse to gather around the kitchen and enjoy these mouthwatering treats.

Have your friends been naughty or nice this year? The following gifts range from $25-$150

1. For your four legged friend
2. For your creative traveling friend
3. For your intellectual friend
4. For your trendy friend
5. For your classy friend
6. For your baking friend
7. For your mixologist (life of the party) friend
8. For your running friend
9. For your techie friend
10.For your ultra festive friend
11.For your hostess friend
12.For your gym friend


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