Thanksgiving Cocktails

There are many different events that go on throughout Thanksgiving day, there is the famed Macy’s Day parade in the morning, that is always on in my house, and the traditional NFL football game which is on right before and sometimes during our elegant festive dinner. There is always a reason to drink a different cocktail on this  great day dedicated to simply eating and sharing with friends and family.

From the cooking cocktail to the champagne toast here is a guide of my favorite drinks to indulge in while giving thanks.

{Mimosa while watching the Macy’s Day Parade}

Enjoy a mimosa while watching the parade and mentally preparing yourself for long hours of cooking ahead.

{Bicyclette while cooking}

The Campari will give your traditional white wine a festive touch.

{Beer while watching the football game}

Nothing beats a game day classic than enjoying a glass or two of ice cold beer.

{Negroni while your guests arrive}

Enjoy this slightly bitter, sweet cocktail while welcoming your guests into your home and have some ready for them to enjoy as well. If you are not a fan of the bitterness of  Campari enjoy a Cranberry Vodka instead.

{Champagne while toasting}

Thank your guests for coming to your dinner with a delicious glass of bubbly Veuve Cliquot, or any champagne you prefer.

{Red Wine during dinner}

Enjoy a glass of wholesome red wine while devouring the turkey!


Photo Credits:Drink-Mix,Grub Street,Real Simple,Bon Appetit,Veuve Clicquot

7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Cocktails

  1. I always love having Champagne on Thanksgiving. Not only is is festive…the bubbles help when you are having a large meal. You picked my favorite, Veuve Cliquot. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.

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