Wandering Heart: Dubai

{Roaming Camels}

Traveling to exotic countries was certainly the biggest perk of being an international level swimmer. Two years ago I got the opportunity to visit the ultramodern and ultra rich emirate of Dubai.

Dubai is vastly rich in both local culture, and mega extravagance that would make it feel like I was in two totally different locations. From the camels wandering on the side of the road, which gives you a sense of the rural land, to the bustling towers and skyline that defines Dubai as one of the most expensive cities in the world.

{Burj Al Arab}

The Burj Al Arab is shaped to look like a sail boat floating through the ocean, and it certainly captures the attention of jet-setters worldwide. This magnificent hotel is the only seven star hotel in the entire world! If you even want to walk through the doors of the Burj Al Arab you will have to pay an entrance fee of about $100, unless you have a reservation at one of the ten upscale restaurants and bars.

{Ceiling at the Atlantis Resort}

Dubai is a city that has everything you could possibly imagine, it prides itself in “making the impossible, possible”. While I was wandering through the city I noticed a lot of “Largest…Tallest in the world” indeed Dubai has the worlds tallest tower: Burj Khalifa, it made me feel like the teeniest of ants while I was walking by it, this Burj (meaning tower) is completely mesmerizing. This stunning city also has the world’s largest mall: The Dubai Mall, it is entirely overwhelming and it even has it’s very own ski lift and mountain! Can you say a year long Winter Wonderland?

{Burj Khalifa}

I definitely recommend visiting Dubai if you ever have the opportunity, and I personally am dying to return one day to take in all the wonderful adventures this fabulous city has to offer, because I know there are plenty of new towers and extraordinary exhibits. Two days of touring this movie like city was certainly not enough.


All pictures taken by me in 2010

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