Meatless Mondays?

Is Meatless Mondays just a craze or something that will stick for years to come? Clearly there are many benefits to applying no meat on Mondays to your weekly diet, not only nutritionally but also financially.  I guess if there were one day to dedicate as “meatless” it would be the only day of the week that begins with an ‘M’.  I personally love meat; I usually consume meat 5-6 days a week, if you include chicken and turkey. Because lets face it if I were eating straight up red meat six times a week, in form of thick juicy steaks or mouthwatering beef burgers, I would probably be 50 pounds overweight and would be facing serious health risks.

To me meatless includes eating beans, fish, veggies, cereal, cupcakes and cinnamon rolls. So this shouldn’t be too difficult right?

Tonight I think I will create a delicious salmon recipe (to come later this week), with some orzo and my roasted red peppers, or enjoy an always satisfying bowl of cereal, if my day becomes too occupied. But here are a few tasty variations of meat on a Monday.

{Roasted Bell Pepper Tostadas}

{Thai Noodle Salad}
{Portobello Burgers}

And for Luna, this means carrot and celery treats, which she is constantly begging me for!

Food Photo Credits: Pinterest

9 thoughts on “Meatless Mondays?

  1. I was a veggie many years ago and I have to admit I could easily be again. We don’t seem to eat lots of meat now, but I do get cravings for good burgers, with bacon and cheese – yum!

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