The Amazing Doughnut Plant in NYC

Because who doesn’t love doughnuts? The delicious Doughnut Plant in New York City is by far, without question the best doughnuts I have ever tasted. From the carrot cake to peanut butter and jelly doughnuts that are uniquely squared shape. To their filling of cream cheese frosting or jelly respectively, inserted around the cloud like texture, rather than one big clump in the center like most other donuts. If Doughnut Plant had a location in Florida I would unquestionably eat these jewels at least 5 times a week. What I believe makes these doughnuts so extraordinarily special is the fact that they are baked fresh every morning before the sun creeps out and once they sell, the shop closes until the next morning. When I last visited NYC, the Doughnut Plant was my breakfast hub for six days straight. Also I made it a point to stop at their West 23rd Street location on my way to the airport, and very cautiously traveled with an impeccably flavorful package, to share of course.

Visit their website: Doughnut Plant NYC

3 thoughts on “The Amazing Doughnut Plant in NYC

  1. I only got to try their carrot cake donut. I had went there to get the tres leche one but alas, I went at the end of the day minutes before they were closing. Next time I plan to get there EARLY and get the biggest square donut they have!!

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