Taste Life Twice

Start a journal. Everyday you think of millions of brilliant ideas and you probably forget most of them by the end of the day. Write down everything, and most importantly note the date. That is very important especially if you want to keep organized. Whether you have crazy, wonderful ideas throughout the day or you are planning a trip and want to write down ideas as to where to stay or what to do during the time you are there. Use it while you are researching locations and events, or even just to write down a goal you want to accomplish by the end of the month. Write down anything! Something you want to change about yourself, an outfit idea for the warm summer months, or a book you want to read when you have free time. The most important thing is to be creative- decorate your journal as you go along. This is your personal reflection and it should be something you love to have around, something that makes you feel inspired just by looking at it. Even go out and but a fancy, vivid pen that gets you craving about writing. The best part about keeping a journal is reading the incredible adventures and encounters after an amazing trip. You will relive the wonderful memories from your travels, and will leave you inspired and full of life on a generally boring day you might be having.


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